Waist Walker : The Multi-Purpose, Hands-Free Leash!
Waist-Walker Colors We love Waist-Walker!

Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders, Arms & Hands!

Walk one or two dogs hands free! Always have custody and control of your dog! Secure it around you waist as tight or as loose as you like. It can also be held as a regular leash! The red Waist Walker on the model at the top of the page illustrates how the clasps look when walking two dogs.

A great tool for pet sitters! Designed by a professional pet sitter!

Good Morning America

Recognized on ABC's Good Morning America website June 8th, 2001, on a segment called "Summer Safety For Your Pets."



These woven patterns retain their vibrant colors since the dye penetrates each individual fiber rather than just coating the top of the webbing, and the material is accented with polished brass-finish hardware.

Waist-Walker only $19.95

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If another dog 
					approaches attach the Waist Walker to a stationary object to handle the 
					situation  Use the Waist-Walker to tie two dogs two a tree or other 
					stationary object when needed.

The Waist Walker was developed by a professional pet sitter and designed to walk one or two dogs without the worry of them getting away from you.

This is a quality 15' double ended lead with center clips. Great for walking or jogging in open areas. Perfect for those with limited mobility with your hands, arms or shoulders.

One size fits all!

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safely go down stairs with the Waist-Walkersafely go down stairs with the Waist-Walker

If you own one or two dogs, the extra clips allow you to secure the pet(s) to a stationary object in an emergency situation. Do you have stairs? The extra long lead allows the dog to go down the stairs without dragging you!


The Waist-Walker can also be held as a regular leash!

Janet K., Hanover, PA..."The waist leash is DY-NO-MITE!! My worries were for nothing. They did not pull me down and they walked together beautifully.

It is a MUCH more comfortable way to walk them than trying to do it by hand. (Plus it makes poop clean up easier). Thanks so much! I've recommended it to others."

Debra T., Coventry, RI..."Just got my Waist Walker today, WOW! Have been tying leashes together, making a tangled mess and was not completely safe. Wish I had found your product a long time ago.

You have made my daily walks a lot more fun, and I can relax knowing my dogs are securely fastened to me. The flexability of being able to secure them to something in an emergency is just icing on the cake"!

Natasha, Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Sitting, Durham, NC..."I love my Waist-Walkers! What a great idea! They've really made walking my dogs easier. By the way I'd like to order two Gentle Leader Head Collars from you!"

DJ, Columbia, SC..."I am enjoying my no-hands leash. It has been a shoulder-saver on one job that has two strong labs"....

Lois, Pampered Paws, Agoura, CA..."Hi...I'm the petsitter that got dragged by the rotties last week before purchasing the Waist Walker. Just received your product and although I haven't used it on the rotties yet (due to one hand still bruised) I have used it on other small dogs and I LOVE IT! Thank you for a great product"!

If the temperament of the dogs will not permit you to walk safely with the product around your waist, it can be held as a regular leash. The beauty is you'll have one lead for two dogs!

Made in the USA
Walking your dog(s) will be fun and so much easier!
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